New Space

New Space
You will love the view!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Settled Into A New Space

Hi and welcome to my first blog. It is my intention to post bi-weekly and to put together a monthly newsletter. If you are receiving this link, please take the time to let me know if you would like to be on my blog email listing and receive updates from me. It is my hope in this blog to:
* share articles on the creative process
* share inspirational quotes and stories
* share artwork in process
* feature the work of students of all ages
* share coaching guidelines for creating what you want in your own life
* let you know who I am and get your feed back so I can also get to know who you are

I am so excited to announce that I am finally settled into my new Garden Studio. If you have visited the Foundry to find that I am no longer there, I apologize for the inconvenience. I have been a resident artist at the Foundry Art Centre for five years, and it has been a wonderful experience. I've made many friends, and I am sure some of you saw my work for the first time there. However, once I completed the garden studio it began to call me back to paint in the solitude of my home environment where I am surrounded by flowers, nature, and Koi. So in May I gave my notice and moved at the end of my contract in June.

I want to extend an invitation to visit me here in my new studio. Call first, (636) 577-0591 or (636) 441-3828, so that you will be sure to catch me in. When you arrive, walk to the back and ring the bell beside the gate.

My new work has a new look, as I expected. Over the last several years I have struggled toward a more minimal expressionism, but I think the busy life I was leading conflicted with creating less busy art. These new paintings, however, are much more minimal. I feel they validate my choice to work again in solitude and in a more Zen like setting.

The photos show you my new painting environment, and I welcome you to come and share with me here.


  1. It seems fitting that I see a gate and a bridge in your new setting. I also see new beginnings and the outgrowth of everything I know to be true about you. Best of All! "Joie"

  2. Best wishes Jan in your new creative environment .. it looks so peaceful and beautiful :-) Looking forward to seeing your new direction in your work :-)