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New Space
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I wish you enough:

This is how he ended the message.

Now he asks, “what does this mean to me?”
“Enough is enough.”
“There is never enough....”

The word appears strange when studied closely
I’ve used that word
Spoke it,
Written it,
Without ever really seeing it.

Perhaps it is “enough” to see it in this new light.
A strange looking word...e...n...o...u...g...h
An ample supply
A sufficiency
Enough is relative....

A sufficiency as required by a certain demand;
And so
To wish me enough is saying
I hope you have what is sufficient for your demands
And yet, for some, enough is never sufficient
To wish me enough
Is to say to me
“May you find peace with what you have,
Whatever that is,
May it be
And so, what is thing is enough.

It is an attitude of heart
That finds comfort and peace in other than things,
That finds peace
With what is.
Enough said.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Recently I read that in a conference in Vancouver the Dalai Lama made this statement:

“The world will be saved by Western woman.”

That is a very powerful statement; and I began to think deeply about what he might have meant by this. I assume that he is talking about how much Western woman has changed Western culture by her determination to find freedom and equality, to have the right to vote, to get equal pay, to be considered an equal citizen. This has certainly been a long and difficult road from the ancient roots of our culture in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome to modern day America. It has taken years of anger and aggressive action through the feminist movements and years of debate and determination on many levels to get where we Western women are today.

Having just finished “Prophet’s Prey,” a book on Warren Jeffs and his followers I was reminded of the ultimate in repression of women right here in our own free society today. We are all too familiar with the treatment of women in the Middle East and their inferior status in all three major Western religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In addition, the opposite of this has been brought to my attention through articles and conferences offered by two organizations whose email lists I have recently joined, both focused on Spiritual growth: Integral Life and Braveheart Women. These organizations have each launched campaigns emphasizing the Power of the Feminine that I have found very helpful in understanding myself as well as my culture.

The book on Jeffs and these modern day growth organizations present opposite ends of the experience of the Western woman. They represent where she has come from and where she is going. The contrast certainly gives a good idea of why the Dalai Lama may have made the above statement. Western woman is coming into her power through the understanding of the Power of the Feminine.

What I want to share with you, however, is not expressed through pitting
Feminine against Masculine. We now know that whether female or male each of us carry both feminine and masculine within us (anima and animus) and that well balanced and psychologically healthy humans are those most in touch with those aspects of both within themselves. The powerful and compassionate woman, while feminine, is also in touch with her masculine aspects, while the most powerful and compassionate man is also in touch with his feminine aspects.

The Feminine has for too long been considered inferior, weak, too emotional to be intelligent, good for producing and raising children and best for the pleasure and comfort of the Masculine. Western Culture has a long history, all the way back to its Mesopotamian and Greek roots of suppression of the Feminine.

In the Humanities Cluster that I teach for Lindenwood University I give my students a list of the difference between Western and Eastern thought:

Eastern Thought

* Spiritual
* Mystical
* Karma
* Reincarnation
* Meditation
* Enlightenment
* Unity of all things
* Religion and Philosophy more entwined
* Less concerned with the existence or non existence of God or gods
* Intuitive based
* People are an intrinsic and inseparable part of the Universe
* Quiet, receptive, humble
* Direct experience of the Universe, accepting and cooperating with things as they are
* From Within
* Collaborative
* Cyclic
* Right brain
* Feminine

Western Thought

* Scientific
* Analytical and logical
* Dualistic (heaven and hell, good and evil
* Contemplation and prayer
* Salvation
* Individualism and separateness
* Religion and Philosophy more separate
* External (God is out there)
* Law based
* Monotheistic/personal God or atheistic
* People are superior and in charge of the Universe
* Aggressive forceful action oriented
* Emphasizes dramatic change
* Materialistic
* Goal oriented
* Linear
* Competitive
* Masculine
* Left Brain

As you can see, Eastern thinking is much more Feminine and Western much more Masculine.  In our Western culture we are taught that to succeed we must be logical, practical (non emotional), competitive, aggressive goal setters. We prize ourselves on being “rugged individualists.” Our focus is on being the best that we can be: the most powerful, the most wealthy, the most successful, the most intelligent, the one with the most “stuff.” Certainly this has worked on that “external” level that is also the Masculine focus.

Yet, what we are realizing is that it does not give us contentment and inner peace. It is not quite so successful on an “inner” level.  The things we most yearn for as women such as, intimacy, connection, belonging, creativity, self-expression, aliveness, meaning, purpose, contribution and a brighter future for generations to come can't be created with an exclusively masculine system of power based on control, analysis and logical, linear thinking, nor can they be executed with a strategic plan.

The impulse that I feel is not one of "dominance" nor "winning," but an impulse to realize my destiny--the greatest possibility of myself as a human, the highest potential of my relationships and the expressions and contribution of my gifts in service to the flourishing of life. 

Because, in actuality we have no idea what this might look like -  we can't create the fulfillment of our Destiny with a step-by-step strategic plan- as the task of navigating our way to our Destiny is the task of journeying towards an unknown and undefined destination. 

Though I have had my fair share of “success” from the Western perspective, I have come to realize that the Masculine approach is not “adequate” for me personally. For years I have had to compete on this level: who gets the best PR, who sells the most art and for the highest prices, who is in the most galleries, wins the most awards? This way of thinking causes me (and I am learning almost all women) to want to withdraw into a sort of hermit like solitude.

It has only been recently that I have understood why. Most men are perfectly happy with the competitive, aggressive approach. Women, in general, are not. I will not say all, because I have also learned that men who are most in touch with their feminine aspects are less comfortable with competition and aggression, and women most in touch with their masculine side are often OK with competition and aggression. But understanding what is Feminine Power can be an incredible boost for a woman.

What are the keys to Feminine Power? They are:

* Connect with your inner “knowing” - your intuition is your inner guide;
connecting requires solitude and stillness, time out from busyness.

* Ask - you do have the answers within, it is where Spirit speaks to you.
What will truly bring truth, compassion, abundance, love and peace
into your life…. and to the world.
* Listen - let go of that mind chatter, meditate, contemplate, and
pay attention to what you hear

* Act on what your intuition tells you - stop second guessing!

* Create - feminine power is creative power. Once you “know” what you
 need to create, create through your intention, your choices, your

* Collaborate rather than compete - you can’t become yourself by yourself, relationships are key for best activating feminine power.
We need to recognize that we are relational beings and actually need each other’s partnership to access the power that we need to thrive.

* Activate the power of the collective field -

1. Get connected to the biggest vision you have for your life.

2. Ask yourself, "who would I be in the realization of that

3. Share your vision with those close to you and ask them to
begin to relate to you as though you were already living the
realization of your vision.

4. Begin to relate to those people closest to you in ways that
are consistent with your future self.

5. If you're really feeling daring, ask them to hold you to be
accountable to show up in your relationship with them in ways that
are consistent with this future self! 

* Seek Balance - when we are too right brained (feminine) we may find it difficult to be analytical and practical, we may be too emotional to do business or to stay calm in a crisis, to be disciplined enough to stay on course; when too left brained (masculine) we may lack
compassion and empathy, be too self-focused or self-centered to see the
bigger picture.

* Look to the larger view - how can you help to change the world,
to make it a better place?

The key is to learn to work together, female and male, Eastern and Western, and know that what hurts another also hurts me, what aids another also aids me. In the words of Michael Jackson:

“We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving……let us realize that a change will only come when we stand together as one.”

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Paintings "Doors" Series

                 Click on a painting to enlarge.

A Long Hot Summer

It is great to be back on line; and I apologize for my long sabatical.  Since my last post there have been extremes of weather here in the Midwest with lots of winter snow, severe spring storms and now the hottest summer I can recall in my lifetime.

I continue to work on my "Doors" series and will share photos of  three new pieces recently completed.
Classes are staying pretty full inspite of the heat and economic turmoil.  I am grateful to all of you!!!

I will be on vacation this next week as Jaden and Skye are coming to spend the week with me.  I've stocked up on Sculpty and paint because they love to do art when at O'ma's.  I'm sure we will get to the pool at Laurel Park several times as well;  we all love the water.  My entire family enjoyed several days at Mark Twain Lake boating, tubing and waterskiinig in July.  My little grandson's had no fear.  After being on the lake all day they could not wait to hit the pool in the evenings.  It was a great family vacation.

I just booked several galleries at the St. Peters Arts Center (West end of City Hall) for an adult student show to hang from Dec. 8 to Jan. 30.  More information will be coming on this.  All of my adult students are invited to participate.

See St. Peters Patch at for a recent interview with me and look for Upfront and Hometown newsletters for another interview that should be out in the next issue of each.  Thanks, St. Peters, for the lovely PR.

My next article will be on Feminine versus Masculine power.  I think this will speak to all of you females on my list who deal daily with a very competative market place.  And, perhaps it will help you guys on the list to better understand women.

Remember, I love to get communication from you.  You can email me at or respond right on line at my blog.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughts From Mid Winter

Winter is beginning to seem very long, especially after being snow bound for almost two weeks.  I hope all of you have survived and can fully enjoy just how warm the 50's and 60's now feel.  My pond was dwarfed by the snow depth.  I measured over 11" here.

Winter is a time of hibernating, going deep into introspection and clearing away emotional and mental clutter.  This, too, is nature's way.  The sap of life sinks deeply underground, lets all die away that has been spent.  In the spring, then, it is trimmed away to make room for more growth.

This is a vulnerable time, a time of being bare.  For me it is a time for poetry:

     Winter's Grip

     Sometimes the winter holds me long
     Beyond the self-made grave of introspection,
     Deep below the dirtied ice where earth wraps warm
     And bares me by sheer fading of youth;
     Looking down, down, down
     Deeper than human eyes can stare
     Into an abyss of fears and questionings
     I hear her grasp for breath,
     Feel the snow melt seeping, softening
     And I am pushed upward, back into a swell of sunshine
     Spring, new life, new beginning

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No, It Just Can't Be!

 I am sharing one of those "set the camera on the table and run to get in the photo" shots of my gang taken on Christmas Day.  From the back left:  Garic, Gary (my ex), Jason, Meaghan and Jeremy. Second row:  me and Renee. Front row:  Skylar and Jaden.  I enjoyed wonderful holidays, a good two week's worth since they included travel to Cincinnati where Garic (my middle son) hosted Christmas at his house (Jason and Renee helped with the food);  travel to Mtn. Grove to visit Mom and family there;  three open houses and a four day visit from my friend Jody from Maryland.  I hope all of you had equally happy holidays!

 I awoke this morning to the thought, "How can it possibly be January 19, 2011 already!!"  The year 2010 flew past me like a full throttle jet.  And this in spite of  trying my best to stay focused on "living mindfully in each moment."  There are those who claim time is speeding up.  Perhaps they are right?  Yet, there are others who talk about the relativity of time? Or that there is no such thing as time?

   My concern is that we continue in our culture to be "too busy."  Last year was a time of transition for me, and a focused attempt to slow down my weekly schedule.  In this year I hope to manage a fuller consciousness of what I am doing each moment so that I may experience each day to the fullest.

   I set my intention on NYE to be more aware, more conscious and to listen to my intuitive guidance.  I do believe God speaks to us most clearly through our intuition.  Though he/she also speaks through every thing we experience.  Hearing requires being "awake."  As I look back over my life, had I known how to do this, or known TO DO THIS and to stop second guessing what my gut was telling me, I could have saved much energy and even much pain.  Of course, we do learn through that pain, so it is OK that it has taken me awhile to learn to listen.

   I do find it so interesting that in hindsight I can say "I did know the truth of that."  Yet, over and over I will talk myself out of really trusting that knowing.  And, I do this second guessing in spite of the fact that the accuracy of my intuitive knowing has been proven correct over and over.  I have even had dreams that spoke the full truth to me; I have had strange events that in looking back I could see where trying to shake me into seeing I already new what to do, I just needed to act on it.

   Am I right in guessing that I am not alone in this behavior?  And if so, why do we tend to do this, to not listen to that something within that is sometimes even yelling out the truth to us?  I have some thoughts as to why this happens:
        1) our culture does not teach that we have this inner knowing.  It is thought of as psychic phenomon and
            is highly suspect
        2) we don't always want to hear the truth.  We get caught up in what we want to be the truth and ignore
            evidence to the contrary
        3) we think if we just "hang in there" the situation or even the person involved will change
        4) we believe our patience and our unconditional love will cause that change
   In my experience patience and unconditional love can work miracles, but NEVER when my intuition is screaming out the opposite.

   So, my new years intention is to listen, to trust, and to act on my inner guidance.  It will be very interesting to see where it leads me in this new year.

   I wish a very peaceful and blessed 2011 to all of you.

   I'd love feed back of your own experiences concerning intuition.