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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I wish you enough:

This is how he ended the message.

Now he asks, “what does this mean to me?”
“Enough is enough.”
“There is never enough....”

The word appears strange when studied closely
I’ve used that word
Spoke it,
Written it,
Without ever really seeing it.

Perhaps it is “enough” to see it in this new light.
A strange looking word...e...n...o...u...g...h
An ample supply
A sufficiency
Enough is relative....

A sufficiency as required by a certain demand;
And so
To wish me enough is saying
I hope you have what is sufficient for your demands
And yet, for some, enough is never sufficient
To wish me enough
Is to say to me
“May you find peace with what you have,
Whatever that is,
May it be
And so, what is thing is enough.

It is an attitude of heart
That finds comfort and peace in other than things,
That finds peace
With what is.
Enough said.