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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Web Site VS Blog Spot: A Good Question

The painting above, "A Softening, " sold this Spring in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The one below, also recently sold, is titled: "Earth Maw." I am sharing these today because one of my blog followers had a good questions for me: "Why do you not show more of your paintings on your blog?" This made me realize that for many of you, my blog may be your first introduction to me as an artist; so I want to clarify my reasons for starting a blog.

First of all, I have a web site where you can learn all you might care to know about my professional life; here you can view many of my works of art. Please do visit this site to learn more about who I am as an artist, author and instructor of classes and workshops: In a couple of weeks or so I will be going live with an updated web site, but hopefully it will be at this same address. I will announce this when the time comes.

I recently decided to create a blog for the purpose of networking both with other bloggers and with people who may find me on facebook or who might learn of my blog from mutual friends or friends of friends. It is my desire through the blog to share on a bi-weekly (sometimes more often) basis things that touch me, inspire me or even just amaze me as I live my daily life. I will use the blog, also, to announce workshops and/or exhibits to those who might like to participate.

In addition, I plan to periodically feature students and their work. I also will share articles on creativity and quotes that inspire my creativity with the hope that you might also be inspired.

I so much appreciate your comments. You can comment right on the blog at the end of any article, or feel free to send me a personal email at .

Thank you, Larry, for your comments that helped me realize an explanation was needed. Here are a few more examples of my artwork:

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  1. Jan, Love the blog. I've been looking forward to new posts. It's just so much more personal than a website. It "touches home", so to speak. Yet at the same time you are still being very professional in it as well. Keep up the good work.