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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Revealing As The Leaves Fall Away


Fall, the season I am living both literally and symbolically as I find myself at an age considered the fall of life.  The work of fall has to do with leaves:  much change in appearance, much letting go, sweeping away that which is finished,  looking at who we are as we become bare, as we watch "things" fall away, things such as youth, physical beauty, careers if we retire, fame if we have accomplished it, successes and accomplishments.....all kinds of attachments.

In fall we become naked before ourselves.  I say "ourselves" because, after all, it is only ourselves we fool with all our attachments and outward coverings!  Bare of all those things I have covered myself with (talents, successful career, a look or attitude that attracts the opposite sex, publicity, possessions)....STUFF.  Naked.....all the leaves having fallen away, WHO AM I? 

This is what interests me now.  Is my core substance such that losing the leaves I am even more....because I shine from my core.  This is my hope; and in this hope is a resolve to let go (to grow old) with a grace that lessens the fear of ageing for my children....well for all who know me.

Life, death, consider them equals, and so they are, one as certain as the other.  One as important to the purpose of existence as the other.

So in this fall of 2010 I hope that you allow your inner beauty to grow and to shine.  There is purpose in the fact that fall is so beautiful.  And always fall triggers such introspection. See that it is the deep down authentic you, the real you, stripped of all the coverings, that is truly an expression of the joy and wonder that is life.


  1. Hi Jan,
    This is so where I am in my life too. It is hard to think of facing death gracefully, since my mother, who lived with my family for the last 18 years of her life, faced death frightingly. Perhaps with reading more upbeat and joyful writings such as yours, I will also be happy in living my Fall in joy and wonder.

    Thank you for the gift of art!

  2. You cannot possible know the amount of positive energy you give to the universe Jan. Thanks for being and sharing you.

  3. To: Jan
    Like the Japanese maple in fall, beautiful and golden, you have much in common. That will never change. You have demonstrated the strength to raise a fine family and the intellect to be able to exhibit an eye-popping resume of achievements. Well done.