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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get a New Perspective on Your Life Through Life Coaching

I spent this past weekend (Labor Day) in Cincinnati with all my children together.  The weather was fall perfect.  When I first arrived, Jaden and Skye, my grandsons (7 and 3) were so excited to show me they could climb some of the trees in their yard.  You could see that three feet off the ground was such a high for them.  It brought back many memories for me of climbing trees when I was growing up.  I climbed every tree I could manage in my yard and in the yard of my grandparents.  I also climbed many trees in the woods surrounding my house.  I would sit for hours in one of those trees wondering at the view.  From up there I got a totally new perspective on what was then my world.  Sometimes I would become a circus performer hanging and swinging from grapevines that hung from the trees; other times my brother, cousins and I would climb high in a sapling until it began to bend wildly toward the ground.  That new perspective allowed my imagination to fly. 
A different perspective on the world, on life is sometimes exactly what we need in order find the motivation and the inspiration to move beyond some stuckness or some limitation in our lives.  This is the excitement of Life Coaching.  It does exactly you a different perspective on your life, helps you identify what is keeping you stuck or limiting you, and helps you to move forward to what you really want in your life.

I share this in order to ask that you share the potential of life coaching with anyone you think could really benefit from it.  So many people are discouraged, depressed, stuck or just not living up to their potential.  Yet, we always have choices.  Sometimes we just cannot see that we do.

My Life Coach training is through The Institute for Life Coach Training.  I know how to ask the right questions in order to help YOU find the answers right for you.

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