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New Space
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughts From Mid Winter

Winter is beginning to seem very long, especially after being snow bound for almost two weeks.  I hope all of you have survived and can fully enjoy just how warm the 50's and 60's now feel.  My pond was dwarfed by the snow depth.  I measured over 11" here.

Winter is a time of hibernating, going deep into introspection and clearing away emotional and mental clutter.  This, too, is nature's way.  The sap of life sinks deeply underground, lets all die away that has been spent.  In the spring, then, it is trimmed away to make room for more growth.

This is a vulnerable time, a time of being bare.  For me it is a time for poetry:

     Winter's Grip

     Sometimes the winter holds me long
     Beyond the self-made grave of introspection,
     Deep below the dirtied ice where earth wraps warm
     And bares me by sheer fading of youth;
     Looking down, down, down
     Deeper than human eyes can stare
     Into an abyss of fears and questionings
     I hear her grasp for breath,
     Feel the snow melt seeping, softening
     And I am pushed upward, back into a swell of sunshine
     Spring, new life, new beginning

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